Currently, we are seeking for both highly motivated post-graduates and students! Please send a cover letter, CV, previous research summary (1-3 pages) and contact information for references to

  • postdoc fellow

    • Position 1, Imaging and signal processing

      Researchers in experimental optics who is interested in bridging a huge gap between various advanced optical measurements and biological studies via networked biophotonics. Skills in constructing optical microscopes and coding skills for signal processing are required.

    • position 2, single cell analysis

      Experiences in molecular cell biology, genetics, biochemistry, biophysics. if you have an experience in automatic liquid handling and micro-RNA analysis, that would be the best matching for you and us!

    • position 3, OPEN

      We are seeking for highly motivated and creative researchers who plan to make a research proposal with our lab and apply to postdoctoral study fellowships including the following ones:

      Engineers who have strong background in optical science and/or engineerings, specifically in microfluidics and/or MEMS, Material Synthesis, Probe Design and synthesis, Information Science, bioinformatics are highly welcomed. Cell and genetic biologists who are interested to use the world's most advanced single cell analysis technology for your biological studies, and to bring your biotechnology into practice are also highly welcomed. We offer an environment to expand her/his visions and potentials through the closest and deepest interaction with biologists, technologists, and information scientists.

  • GRAduate students

    We seek for highly motivated students with the solid scientific strength in one of the following areas: engineering, physics, chemistry, materials science and biological sciences. We do support you. But, at the same time, we highly encourage and support talented international candidates to apply scholarships including:

  • undergraduate students & research students

    • Undergraduate students are welcome to join our lab as visiting scholars. Please contact to if you are interested in.